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Mantis Cheesemonger Line Graphic

Mantis Cheesemonger
Brian Gubicza (Goo-beet-sa)

Brian Gubicza grew up in Pennsylvania surrounded by the works of N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle… sadly none of it stuck. His illustration work has been published nationally in the US in magazines and newspapers and his “dreams” blog enjoys an international audience.

Brian currently resides in Massachusetts with his wife Jen. They also run a handmade plush toy business called Zooguu.

From an interview with vectortuts+ about style:

When speaking about “style” I can only take my work as an example: My illustrations are made of simple colorful shapes and repeating lines. The sense of it makes me happy.
So I look for elements of it everywhere. Not only in the work of mid-century illustration and design, but in the everyday things around me. The not quite parallel power lines outside my studio, the cracks in a car window, the bright orange rectangle of a delivery truck as it rumbles by; My mind records it all- sifts through it and later finds a use for it in my illustration work.

After graduation, I spent many years drawing, and art-school deprogramming. Finding myself in my work has become the most important recent development in my career as an artist. I believe this sense or search is at the core of what style is.

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